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How to run a chain of VoIP Callshops

There are millions of call shops in the world and they can be found in each street corner. Most of them are conventional PSTN based and carry a very high cost of operation compared to VoIP based phones.

This white paper provides the required details that a person must know in order to open or convert a chain of call shops to VoIP. It also mentions how the operator can consolidate the traffic generated by those call shops and deliver them himself. It mentions the basic structure of the windows based software required to be run at all individual call shops which manages individual booths and prints basic call price activity on individual calls coming out of booths.

It then introduces the concept of a gatekeeper running at the call shop which takes the calls from individual booths and sends them to the traffic consolidator i.e. the operator of the call shops chain. It mentions the rate management required by the Call Shop owner to setup his individual rates or be restricted by the rates provided by the operator.

Whitepaper also mentions the basic hardware and software setup required by the operator in order to be able to receive the traffic from all these shops and distribute them to different A-Z terminators. It introduces sample rates that call shops charge and it also contains a full list of common A-Z termination rates currently available.

The white paper mentions the use of different types of hardware by the callshops and compares the use of Gateways with normal phones to use of IP phones instead. It ends with the introduction of the new and upcoming technologies in IP phones which can be used on Call shops.

VoIP Billing How to run a chain of VoIP Callshops