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Prepaid Calling Cards

Prepaid calling cards business is one of the most common business models in telecom industry. In prepaid scenario, service can be turned on with minimal initial deposit and the operator still does not have any risk of bad debts and debt collection charges. It is a worldwide phenomenon that in fully competing markets, prepaid cards based service is quickly replacing postpaid services in all sectors.

Prepaid Calling Cards
Starting a Prepaid calling card business is an easy four step process:

  1. Arrange VoIP gateways. Connect them to Internet on one end and PSTN phones lines on the other.
  2. Get a billing system like Advanced VoIP Billing that supports prepaid calling card business model.
  3. Generate, print and launch prepaid cards of different denomination in the market.
  4. Start receiving phone calls and launch the service!
For more details about this business model, please read the white paper “Basics of VoIP Origination”.

This business model requires a comprehensive billing solution that can deliver following features:
  • Subscribers management
  • Prepaid calling cards management
  • Reseller management
  • Real-time usage reporting
  • Revenue assurance and
  • Flexible rating
AdvancedVoIP.com offers AdvancedVoIP Billing System, a complete billing solution that efficiently caters the billing requirements for this business model. It offers a flexible web based interface that ensures better management of prepaid calling cards, subscribers and resellers etc.

For a complete list of valuable features of Advanced VoIP Billing System, please visit “AdvancedVoIP Billing System”.

For further information on prepaid calling cards business, please Contact Us.